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10-06-2016, 11:41 AM
This is my own invention. I do not think anyone has assembled this combination before. Because it uses an E-47 (we can call it an E-4X) Gear Pump just like the E-45, 46, 47, and 48, this should be an E-49, using the same E-4X numbering system. The PA Block is the last design used on the E-58H. I had all these new parts here from various pumps that were built in the past, or take offs from brand new units, which is why some are painted yellow in the pictures.The tank was off an E-47 that was converted to an E-47H, the Gear Pump off an E-47 unit that was converted to an E-57, etc. ALL parts are brand new except the 6 Studs. I have bins of studs that are fine, why use new ones just for the sake of them being new?


The Sump Base and Top Cap are right out of the box from Meyer. Since the E-58H uses them, they come painted black. The PA Block as I said is used on the final design of the E-58H and the Coils and Valves are the same ones used on the E-72 which is the current standard straight plow pump.

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Unlike Meyer and others, when I paint a unit I do not just spray everything yellow. I do not paint Coils or Couplers. In this case, I installed plugs in the cavities where the Couplers will go.

There are many benefits to this configuration. This is the description I wrote for the listing of this unit in our online store. Rather than type it all again, I am just going to paste it here.

We do not build pumps from all new parts often, and it is usually for a specific customer by request. This configuration is a first for us, and it may in fact be "one of a kind". It is an E-47, but it has the latest E-58H style PA Block on it. We also used a new E-58H Sump Base, so there is no cavity for the A Valve. The A Valve is located in the PA Block. This gives the unit an adjustable drop speed (the little thumb wheel on the side of the PA Block). Unlike the original E-47/57/60 PA Block design, this PA Block uses a Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve, which protects the C Valve from swelling. It has a Crossover Relief Cartridge Valve. The Coils are 2 wire Coils with triple lip seals on the Deutsch style connectors, and each Coil has its own ground wire. It also uses the most current Valves, which are used in the current E-72 as well. Because this is half E-47, and half E-58H, BUT it still uses the E-47 Gear Pump I think it should stay in the E-4X numbering range. Since there is already an E-48 (although rare) we will call this an E-49. EVERY PIECE OF THIS UNIT IS BRAND NEW except 6 studs. New Gear Pump, New Motor, new Sump Base, new PA Block, etc. We included Couplers with adapters that you can install in the PA Block, and they will mate to your existing Meyer Pin Type Couplers. The Top cap on this unit is the latest design, and the fill hole is raised, so you can use a box end wrench to remove it if you like. No more fighting to get the plug out to check fluid level or add fluid. It also has the Brass Insert in the Wiper Seal. It is filled with low temp synthetic blue hydraulic fluid. Unit has a 1 year warranty on parts only, which is VOID if you do not drain and flush your PA Rams PRIOR to installing this unit on your vehicle. Unit made 1750 psi @ 140 amps on Test Stand.


10-06-2016, 11:43 AM
More pics.

Close up of Fill Port showing it is flush with top, no fighting to get the Fill Plug out.


Close up of two wire Coils.