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05-22-2016, 03:30 PM
Meyer E-47 Seal Information

We'll start at the top and work down. No, the Wiper is not upside down, it is meant
to keep water and debris out, not hold the oil in. That is what the O Ring under the
cap is for.

http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/meyer-e-47-seals_th.jpg (http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/meyer-e-47-seals.jpg)
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Yes the flare of the Packing Cup faces down.

http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/meyer-e-47-seals-2_th.jpg (http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/meyer-e-47-seals-2.jpg)
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You put the O Ring in the Sump Base and make sure it is seated BEFORE you put
the Lift Cylinder in.

http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/meyer-e-47-seals-3_th.jpg (http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/meyer-e-47-seals-3.jpg)

IF you remove the Top Cap for any reason, you should be replacing ALL of these O Rings. I get so many "help me" e mails from people who "changed the top seal" because it was leaking. No, you changed the Wiper, and disturbed all these other O Rings, and then did not change them, and NOW your plow won't stay up. THIS is why. If you are removing the Top Cap for ANY reason, you need a Basic Seal Kit to put it back together, PERIOD. The above Sump Base picture is an old cracked base, but, note there is no Strainer in it. IF you take yours apart, THROW AWAY the Strainer. It is far worse to starve the Gear Pump of oil due to a blocked strainer than to let anything that is inside the unit go through the steel gears of the pump. There is a filter on the discharge side to catch debris. Take note, the E-60 NEVER had a Strainer in it, with no ill effects.

On the subject of Meyer E-47 seals, we sell A LOT of Pump Shaft Seals. I can only wonder how many we sell were a waste of time and money for those buying them, because....

I rebuilt this about 5 years ago. Customer dropped it off because it was "spewing oil
out of the holes under the motor". This usually means one thing. Worn out Gear
Lets have a look. Pump is from 1984 according to the date on the motor.
http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/E-47-worn-out-gear-pump_th.jpg (http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/E-47-worn-out-gear-pump.jpg)
Yup, Gear Pump is shot. Internal wear allows pressure to leak up under the shaft
seal, popping it out. There is no fix other than to replace the Gear Pump. A new Seal
will pop right out like this old one did. Funny how it looks brand new. This pump sees
a lot of use. The customer uses it to move round bales in the summer.
http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/E-47-worn-out-gear-pump2_th.jpg (http://meyerplows.info/images/meyer-e-47/E-47-worn-out-gear-pump2.jpg)

IF you are going to open up an E-47 there are two things you need to have FIRST:
The Meyer E-47/E-57 (http://ww2.meyerproducts.com/upload/forms/1-562%20R16.pdf) Service Manual
and a Seal Kit.