Originally, the Drive Pro 7'6" was an EZ Plus mount plow. It was the replacement for the ST-7.5. It did not use the "Drive Pro" Clevis. Meyer came out with a 7'6" Moldboard for the Drive Pro black iron, so it is a "single pull" design. When they did this, shortly after, they renamed the Drive Pro 7'6" the "Lot Pro LD" (because it uses an EZ Plus black iron / mount, like the Lot Pro plows). So the Lot Pro LD and the early Drive Pro 7'6" are the exact same plow, only the name was changed. The Lot Pro LD and Drive Pro 7'6" Moldboard part# is 09275. The single pull 7'6" Moldboard is part# 09413 and it is called the DPE (not sure what it stands for). The Lot Pro LD uses the same A Frame as the Lot Pro 8 (13500E). The Drive Pro 7'6" Single Pull uses the same A Frame as the Drive Pro 6' 8" (13536).

What is unique to ONLY the Lot Pro LD is the Trip Springs (07178). There are two of them, BUT they are rated at about 1.5 of the original (07017) Lot Pro, ST and C Springs. NO other Meyer plow uses these 07178 Trip Springs.