This is the easiest way to test the Motor Solenoid under the hood.


One note, #1 and #3 can be interchanged UNLESS one of them is marked BAT. Which side the battery power gets connected to does not matter unless one of them is marked BAT.

IF none of the tests make the plow move, do not be too quick to change the Solenoid. You now need to move on to the Motor. The easiest way to test the Motor is with a jump box. Put the + clamp on the Motor + stud, and touch the - clamp to one of the Couplers, or elbows on the PA block. The plow should go left. IF it goes left, great, you need to change the Solenoid. IF it does not go left, and you just get sparks, you need to verify the Motor is not seized. IF during these tests the plow goes right instead of left, you have the hoses backwards, or the C Valve is stuck open for some reason.