When Meyer came out with the new 22690 Pistol Grip they incorporated power out to the plow light Modules to switch on the plow lights. The Touchpad was set to be discontinued as an option. Meyer offered no adapter to replace a Pistol Grip with a 22154 Touchpad. So we made one and offered it for sale. Eventually Meyer decided to keep the Touchpad as an option, and came out with an adapter to replace a 22690 Pistol Grip with a 22154 Touchpad. The problem was (and still is) that you then need to install a switch to turn on the plow lights because the Touchpad does NOT send power out to the Modules. The answer? This modified Genuine Meyer Adapter 07691 allows you to plug in the Meyer Touchpad Controller (PN 22154) with 6 pin plug to a 12 pin Meyer Pistol Grip VEHICLE harness (22691 or 22691S). The Meyer Pistol Grip Controller comes with an Adapter (22717) to go to the 6 pin white rectangular (15764) Touchpad Harness (which is useless with a 22691 harness).

You need this 07691 to use a Touchpad with a 22691 or 22691S Universal Truckside Harness. The problem is if you have a 22690X or 22690DC Pistol Grip controller, it turns on your plow lights, so now you need a switch to turn on the plow lights because the Touchpad does NOT turn on the plow lights. Under the hood or behind the grille is the connection to the Modules (orange wire). Now you need to run a wire from the cab switch out to the Modules connection. You have to find the connection first! So it is not as simple as unplugging the Pistol Grip, plugging in this 07691 Adapter and Touchpad and off you go. You MUST install a switch for the lights. We have made it MUCH easier for you. WE modified the Genuine Meyer 07691 Adapter with an extra (orange) wire that can be connected to the Switch (which we include) so you do not have to make any changes or connections under the hood or behind the grille to the 22691 or 22691S Universal Harness. WE also include a Genuine Meyer Switch Kit with the 07691 Adapter as a package deal. The 07691 Adapter has a List Price of $44.97 and the 08701 Switch Kit has a list price of $16.96, total List Price for these two parts is $61.93.

This is the most painless way to use the Touchpad, and the best part is once installed, you can switch back to the Pistol Grip by simply unplugging the 07691 and plugging in the Pistol Grip! So in a couple of seconds you can switch from one controller to the other if need be, or if one driver prefers one controller over the other. You can also keep the Pistol Grip as a spare should the Touchpad ever fail.




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