Got this via e mail:

I recently purchased a used Meyer Snow Plow, Model TM- 6.5, Part# 09102. I need a bolt on frame ( truck side ) so that I can install it on my 2003 Toyota Tacoma. Can you please assist me on what frame I need to order. If such a frame does not exist, what other options do I have?
Thank You, M.

The frame does not exist. Find a welder that is not worried about the liability of making it fit. When a company such as mine installs a plow mount on a vehicle following the manufacturer’s instructions to a T it is the manufacturer that incurs the majority of the liability involved with doing so. Their engineers designed the mount, installed the mount on the specific model of vehicle, and tested the mount. When a weld shop fabricates and installs a mount, the liability is 100% on them. I do not fabricate mounts for this reason.

Boss - No plow for a 2003 Tacoma, they start at 2005 Model Year
Snoway - 22 Series - Poly: 275#
Western - Suburbanite Poly 6' 8": 250#
Fisher - Homesteader Poly6' 8": 250#
Snow Dogg - MD68 380#

Meyer TM 6.5' typical weight is 450#.
Starting with 2005 Tacoma Meyer offers the Drive Pro 6'8" which has a typical weight of 400#. Now 50# might not seem like a big deal, but when you put it out in front of the bumper, 50# is a HUGE difference. It can exceed the Front Axle Weight Rating, making it "illegal" to operate on a road. ALL of the above manufacturers state that under no circumstances should the FAWR be exceeded. ALL the above manufacturers allow for the driver and one front seat passenger for a total of 300#. They ALL state that the front axle must be weighed with the plow on and ballast weight determined to prevent overloading the front axle. Ballast must be secured as far behind the rear axle as possible. Any weight in the back of the truck in front of the rear axle adds more weight to the FRONT axle.

So while it may seem like it simple thing you want to do, it is far more complicated than you might think.