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05-09-2015, 09:45 AM
ST Series - Starting way back at the beginning, based on sales literature I have, the first Meyer Moldboard anyone alive today will remember is the ST Series. We now refer to the ST as the STandard Moldboard. The ST was not intended to stand for Standard. It was originally intended to stand for Spring Trip. I don't need to go back through all the sales literature I have going back to the 1930's, so we will just call it the ST, and use ST to represent Standard. The ST was the ONLY Moldboard up until 1969 when the Husky Line came out, which is the C Series. The ST was available in widths from 6' all the way up to 9' and even 10'. However, they were not all made the same. Again, they are few and far between these day other than the ST-7.5 which again, is likely the most popular Moldboard EVER. I still have ST-6 and ST-6.5 plows from the 1960's coming in for repairs. While many will bash the ST as "junk" (and I will explain more of that) it is still the most popular ever made. When the ST Series came out the ST-78 and even the ST-90 both only had two Trip Springs. The ST-72, ST-78, and ST-90 all used the same Sector. The ST-90 used it's own A Frame design. It had the Mounting Ears spaced at 23.5" on center. The ST-72 used its own A Frame design as well, and it had it's Mounting ears spaced at 17.5" on center. This is VERY important when trying to identify what you have. This is because people liked to MAKE plows fit vehicles they were never meant to fit.

Lets go back to the A Frame Ear spacing. The EZ Custom, and EZ Classic Fullsize mounts had the Clevises where the pins go through to mount the plow on the vehicle spaced to accept A Frames with the A Frame Ears spaced at 23.5" on center. The EZ Custom for the Jeep CJ and Wrangler up to 1996 had the Clevises spaced at 17.5" on center. So immediately you can determine that you have an A Frame meant for a Jeep CJ / Wrangler. I say this because I get calls and even have seen instances where someone modified the short narrow "Jeep" A Frame to fit a Fullsize truck. I have also seen the opposite, where the Fullsize A Frame with the A Frame Ears spaced at 23.5" on center mounted on a Jeep. In addition to the Jeep CJ, back in the good old days that same A Frame was used on the International Scout, Scout II, and the small Ford Bronco from the late 60's early 1970's, and even for Airport Tugs.

The easiest way to identify an ST Moldboard is to look at the ribs on the back of the Moldboard.


08-25-2016, 09:52 AM
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