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06-02-2016, 05:16 PM
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Repairing a Meyer ST-90 Plow

This is a very common problem with Meyer plows in general. It is mainly due to neglect. It is very important that when the plow trips, it can easily pivot on the Pivot Pins. The Pivot Pins are basically hinge pins. One end of them is in a tube welded to the sector, and the other half goes into a tube that is welded to the moldboard. These pins should be greased at least every other year. I know people that coat them liberally with Never-Seize, and it tends to last for a few years. The only way to grease them on Meyer ST plows, and C series plows is to remove the Sector from the Moldboard. You can do one side at a time, but first you must release the tension on the 3 (or 2) trip springs. You can try heating them up with a torch, but we have yet to get any out using heat. Penetrant doesn't seem to help at all either. If they are seized, then they must be cut. A Sawzall works best for this task. We will begin where we have already cut them with the Sawzall.
It looks like there is a lot of room around the pin, and there is, but it is packed with rust.
Here you can see how badly this A Frame is bent. It has nothing to do with this repair, just wanted to show it.
Here you can see we used a torch to cut away most of the Pivot Pin Tube. The rest was removed with a 4 1/2" grinder.
Here a new sleeve has been welded into place on the right side.
Here the left side has been tack welded into place. You can also see we added a grease fitting here. Hopefully keeping the pins greased will prevent them from seizing in the future.
We also added grease fittings to the sleeve on the moldboard.
Here the new angle stop is welded into place, with a hole cut out for access to the grease fitting.
And here it is all assembled and greased.
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06-02-2016, 05:17 PM
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06-02-2016, 05:20 PM
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Added 5-25-12
1995 Dodge Ram 1500 - Meyer EZ Classic Install and ST-7.5 Rebuild

http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-1_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-1.jpg)
1995 Dodge Ram 1500 install. Customer brought new old stock mounting carton. He
also brought a new old stock SAF carton to rebuild the plow.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-2_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-2.jpg)
All set. Just need to adjust the lights and put the Lift Frame Pins in.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-3_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-3.jpg)
Plow tripped back passed Trip Stops. Good thing the customer has a new SAF
carton. This also has a 38" A Frame on it now, which is for the old Custom Classic
Mounts. It will be replaced with the new 34" A Frame.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-4_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-4.jpg)
One Trip Return Stop was extended with a small plate welded onto it.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-5_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-5.jpg)
The other Trip Return Stop was cut off for some reason.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-6_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-6.jpg)
Uneven Cutting Edge wear, referred to as "smiling", because it curls up on the ends
like it is smiling.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-7_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-7.jpg)
Other side even more wear. This is due to plowing with the blade angled to the right
more than the left, and is somewhat normal. The leading edge gets the most wear.
This is why Xtendors are great. They stop this problem. With uneven edge wear this
plow will never scrape the pavement clean.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-8_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-8.jpg)
A closer look at the uneven wear, and the end Cutting Edge Bolt missing.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-9_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-9.jpg)
Time to change the SAF. No messing around, just grab a sawzall, it makes the job
easier if you get the SAF out of the way and then work on driving out the Pivot Pin
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-10_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-10.jpg)
Just need to remove the stub now. Usually much easier said than done. Though it is
typically easier to get the stub out of the Moldboard Rib compared to the Sector.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-11_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-11.jpg)
We use a new (old style no grease fitting) Pivot Pin as a driver to push out the stub.
This usually involves A LOT of heat from a torch. These two came out with just a
few light taps, luckily!
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-12_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-12.jpg)
Flex Hone to get all the rust out of the Pivot Tubes. This is a MUST in my opinion.
Heavy pitting makes driving the new Pivot Pins in a harder job, and it also wedges
them in there, which defeats the purpose of greasing them. You don't want them to
be stuck in the Moldboard Rib sleeve, or the Sector sleeve. You want them to be
able to rotate and float when installed. IF they jam in one side, when the plow trips
they will wear the sleeve on the other half. Pivot Pins that were kept greased are A
LOT cheaper and easier to replace than either of the Pivot Tubes.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-13_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-13.jpg)
Honing out the Pivot Tubes. I also want to point out that the Sector Pivot Tubes must
be honed too. Between the powdercoat and any small bits of welding spatter they can
make driving in the new Pivot Pins hard, and they will also cause the pin to bind in
the sleeve. In this case, I had to use a 3/4" drill bit in the Sector Sleeves to knock
off some spatter. ALWAYS dry fit the pins by hand and make sure they go all the
way in smoothly with no binding. THEN grease them when installing them by coating
them and the sleeves with grease, and THEN grease them using the grease fittings.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-14_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-14.jpg)
We replace the Cotter Pins that comes with the Pivot Pins with 1/4" Lynch Pins.
This makes greasing the Pivot Pins much easier. You can use the Cotter pins, but
then you will need a tool to remove them every time you want to grease the Pivot
Pins. With the Lynch Pins greasing takes a couple of minutes, max.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-15_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-15.jpg)
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-16_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-16.jpg)
Lucas "Red & Tacky" Grease for the Pivot Pins.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-17_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-17.jpg)
More grease on the center pivot area prior to assembly.
http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-18_th.jpg (http://smithbrothersservices.com/images/Meyer/1995-dodge-ram-1500-18.jpg)
Anti-Seize on the Trip Spring Eyes.
All done. I had to note that the Grease Fittings face the outside. They have come in
before with the fittings facing the inside, which makes it impossible to ever grease