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Thread: EZ Plus / MD II Example

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    EZ Plus / MD II Example

    MDII (Meyer / Diamond 2) mounting system. This is the first time that the entire "plow assembly" was universal. The system used a Universal Clevis on the vehicle that the plow assembly would connect to. This Universal Clevis was bolted to the Mounting Carton brackets attaching it to the truck frame. Now, while the Mounting Carton was vehicle specific, the same Universal Clevis was used on all Fullsize trucks. There was never a downsized version of the MDII. The MDII was used with the Diamond trip edge Moldboards, as well as the ST Series, and C Series Moldboards. The MDII had 3 pins on each side of the mount. Disengaging the Yellow handle pins would drop just the Moldboard off the vehicle, much like the EZ Custom and EZ Classic. Only disengaging the two Blue handled pins on each side would drop the whole assembly off the vehicle resting on the cutting edge of the Moldboard, and the Crankstand. the Crankstand allowed the height of the assembly to be adjusted to make mounting easier. So if you dropped the plow assembly with the truck loaded, and a week later went to hook up, with the truck unloaded, a few turns of the crank would move the assembly to the correct height to mount it on the truck. The MDII came out in 2000, and was replaced by the EZ Plus.

    The MDII quickly evolved into the EZ Plus mounting system. It is very similar to the MDII except instead of having three pins on each side, the Yellow handle pins were removed, so the only option is to drop the whole assembly by pulling one Blue handle pin on each side. The other Blue handle pin was replaced by a piece of round solid steel, that fits into a notch in the bottom of the EZ Plus Universal Clevis. This makes it much easier to mount compared to the MDII, because the MDII you have to align the bottom Blue handle pins with the bottom holes in the MDII Universal Clevis. The EZ Plus has a "keyhole" shaped notch, that guides the round steel bar into place. Then it is just a matter of unlocking the Blue handled pins, and pushing up on the Lift Frame, automatically locking it into place. It was available with the Meyer full trip Moldboard, or the Diamond trip edge Moldboard. Around 2011 Meyer fully absorbed Diamond (which they purchased in 1990) and now offer the Diamond Edge, which is the trip edge Moldboard version of Meyer plows. EZ Plus Mounting Cartons can be used with the MDII Universal Clevis or the EZ Plus Universal Clevis. Super V Plows and Super V2 plows use the EZ Plus Mounting System as well. This (EZ Plus) is current production.

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