Cut Off Years for Meyer EZ Classic Mounts

Vehicle -------------------------- Last Year Available
Chevrolet and GMC - 1500 -------------2007
Chevrolet and GMC - 2500/3500 --------2010
Dodge - 1500 --------------------------2001
Dodge - 2500/3500 ------------------- 2014 (gas) (2011 diesel)
Ford - 150 / Bronco --------------------2003
Ford Superduty - 250/350/450/550 -----2004
Hummer H1 ----------------------------2007

EZ Classic TM

Vehicle ----------------------------------Last Year Available
Jeep Wrangler -----------------------------2016 (so far)
Jeep Cherokee Sport -----------------------2001
Toyota Tacoma ---- Meyer never made a mount
Dodge Dakota ------------------------------1996 (actually until the body style changed)
Chevrolet S-10 / Blazer----------------------2002
Chevrolet Trailblazer ---Meyer never made a mount

IF you do not see a vehicle listed here, Meyer did not make an EZ Classic mount for it, or it was discontinued long ago. Remember the EZ Classic mounts were vehicle specific. There were no "universal" parts of the Mounting Cartons. Can you make one fit a vehicle it was not designed for? Of course, with a torch, welder, and a pile of steel anything is possible. I will not do it at my shop, but there are shops that will build you anything you want I am sure. Then the liability is on them, and you, not me