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Thread: Buying a Used Meyer Drive Pro

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    Buying a Used Meyer Drive Pro

    So you bought a used Meyer Drive Pro 6'8". All you got was the plow, you have NOTHING for the truck. What do you need?

    The Drive Pro, like other EZ Plus style Meyer plows utilizes a Universal Clevis, and the standard universal round main wiring harness. The only vehicle specific parts of the system are the Mounting Carton (which is how the Universal Clevis attaches to the vehicle) and the Headlight Adapters that are vehicle headlight BULB specific.

    It is possible that if the unit is an older one that the local installing dealer decided to use the rectangular harness. IF the plug on the plow is rectangular, you would then need the 22610 Truck Side Harness.

    So since you have nothing for the truck, you would need:

    The Mounting Carton for your vehicle. Some of the common ones are:

    18502 TOYOTA TACOMA 05 & UP (no there is none for older Tacomas)
    18503 JEEP LIBERTY 03 -08
    18504 CHEVY COLORADO 04 & UP
    18506 NISSAN FRONTIER 05 & UP
    18507 JEEP WRANGLER 07 & UP (to 2016 so far)
    18508 FORD EXPLORER 02 -2009
    18509 JEEP WRANGLER 97-06
    18510 NISSAN FRONTIER 98-04
    18514 FORD RANGER 2010 & UP DP

    The Drive Pro Universal Clevis - 19836

    The Universal Round Truck Side Harness - 22691S

    The Headlight Adapter for your vehicle's headlights.

    The Headlight Module Kit - 07548

    The Controller - You can use a Pistol Grip (22690DC) or a Touchpad (22154) with the 07691 Touchpad to Pistol Grip Adapter.

    That's it. Up until 2014 the Drive Pro came standard with the E-58H pump. After 2014 the E-72 became standard.

    If you are shopping for a used Drive Pro 6' 8" try and get the Universal Clevis with the plow, along with the Universal Round Truck Side Harness and Controller.

    Of course you are wondering how much all of what you DO NOT have is going to cost. That is up to the Authorized Meyer Dealer or Distributor, but I will give you 2015-16 List Prices.

    Drive Pro Mounting Cartons - $333.74
    Drive Pro Universal Clevis - $185.28
    Universal Round Truck Side Harness 22691S - $239.99
    Headlight Adapters vary in price.
    Headlight Module Kit 07548 - $190.13
    Pistol Grip or Touchpad - $239.99
    Touchpad to Pistol Grip Adapter 07691 - $44.97 (IF you wanted to use a Touchpad)
    2016 Touchpads are being shipped with the 07691 Adapter in the box.

    At full List Price, using the Pistol Grip Controller, you would be looking at $1189.13 + Headlight Adapters. So when the person selling the plow makes it seem like what is missing is not expensive, think again.


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    I forgot to address another question that often comes up; "Meyer does not make a Mounting Carton for my vehicle, can't you fabricate one?" I have said it so many times in various rantings, not sure if it is here on this site, but here it is again..... Yes, of course it is possible to fabricate a mount for a given vehicle. The problem is often liability. Whoever fabricates a bracket, takes full liability for the plow being installed and used on that vehicle. The fabricator becomes the "manufacturer", and with that come the liability. When an authorized dealer or distributor of a given plow brand installs a plow manufactured by the plow manufacturer, in accordance with the manufacturer provided install instructions, that shifts most of the liability back to the manufacturer. It is much like trailer hitches, try and find a shop to fabricate a trailer hitch. Good luck, too much liability. Find a shop to install a manufactured trailer hitch, and they are everywhere.

    There are two main reasons why a mount would not be available for a given vehicle; first, putting a plow on it would exceed the FAWR (Front Axle Weight Rating) meaning it would be overloaded, and "illegal" to operate wile overloaded. Second would be that there is not sufficient mounting points on the vehicle to attach the plow mount to, where it could handle the additional load and stress the plow will put on it.

    One overlooked fact about overloading the front axle is not just that the front end will sag, or sit low, you are changing the braking characteristics of the front axle by adding the weight to it, increasing braking distances, and overall handling of the vehicle. It could lead to brake overheating, and depending on just how overloaded, suspension damage as well.

    So since you can't get a mount for your vehicle, and the new plow you were going to buy, or even the used plow you were going to buy and have installed may have cost you around $4k, maybe you should just find an older truck with a plow on it already for about the same cost.

    Going back to the vehicle design preventing a plow from being installed, I will use the 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee for comparison. There has been a Meyer plow available for every year Jeep Cherokee Sport (from 1984 - 2001), but there has NEVER been a plow for a Grand Cherokee. Why? Having owned both over the years, and having installed plows on the Cherokee Sport, I can tell you why. The Cherokee Sport has a radiator that is about 34" long, and 14" high. It is a very odd shape and size. Almost the entire radiator sits above the bumper height on the Cherokee Sport. The Grand Cherokee, the radiator is HUGE and so is the AC Condenser that sits in front of the radiator, and it sits well below the bumper, right where the plow mount would be. Now Meyer has not offered a Drive Pro mount for the Cherokee Sport, and they will not since they stopped making them 15 years ago, but I brought it up to illustrate a point.

    The same goes for the Ford Explorer, Meyer does make a Drive Pro mount for the Explorer, but stopped once Ford changed the front end around 2010.


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